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A Bit About Me

Confidence is a big deal. It affects how you walk, talk, what you wear, your career and the personal choices you make – its with you every day and everywhere you go.

It is impossible to achieve long term smooth, soft skin appearance with temporary hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, shaving, depilatory creams or sugaring. The maintenance of unwanted hair is constant.

We originally offered electrolysis only – mostly because I had great results myself. However, there are situations that require a more robust hair removal solution. So, with a ton of research, we have added Laser Hair Removal and Laser Skin Treatments.

Just like electrolysis, laser technology has evolved and can efficiently, safely, and effectively, deliver permanent hair reduction. Our laser is so sophisticated, it can treat fine blonde to coarse dark hair and light to dark coloured skin.

In addition to electrolysis, I believe laser hair removal provides a faster, more comfortable solution to those who may have large body areas, very dense hair or sensitivities to other treatments. Faster than anything you may have experienced; our laser treatments will be shorter and more comfortable.

Electrolysis is still our specialty and for our Laser Clients, we can permanently eliminate any remaining grey, blonde or white hair that cannot be removed by our Laser. And finally, you will be forever smooth.

Beverly Barrett, Owner of Forever Smooth, Almonte Hair Removal Services

Now you can relax and wear anything you want! Throw out that “stand-by” razor in your purse. Stand face first in the sun, enjoy poolside and be present in every conversation, every meeting, everyday and everywhere. Have one less thing to worry about – that’s my goal for you.

I am here to help restore your confidence.

Credentials & Training

I have a Diploma in Electroepilation and a Certificate in Thermocoagulation from Dectro Academie in Montreal. I have a diploma in Intense Pulsed Light Hair and Skin Techniques from Versailles Academy in Ottawa.

I have achieved a certificate in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments for the Lutronic Clarity Laser from AYA Medical in Toronto. I am a member of the Federation of Certified Electrolysis Association (FCEA), Ontario Chapter.

Ask me about comfort management solutions (allows longer treatment time). Our goal is results and client comfort.

Bev Barrett, Electrologist and Laser Technician

Bev is a certified Electrologist and Laser Technician who is making modern, permanent hair removal solutions accessible to all people in all communities.

Results and service are equally important, so you will feel secure and welcome at her clinic.

I can’t wait to help restore your confidence.

Bev Barrett, hair removal specialist in Almonte, Ontario
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