About Me

About Me

Confidence is a big deal.  It affects how you walk, talk, what you wear, your career and the personal choices you make – its with you every day and everywhere you go. 

Hair is visible.  It is impossible to achieve long term smooth, soft skin appearance with temporary hair removal or reduction methods such as waxing, threading, shaving, laser or shaving.  The maintenance of unwanted hair is constant.

My interest in electrolysis came early in life.  I was extremely fortunate to have skilled, professional electrologists successfully and permanently eliminate my unwanted hair which definitely helped to restore my confidence as a young teenager. 

I can now relax and wear anything I want, stand face first in the sun, enjoy poolside and be present in every conversation, every meeting, everyday and everywhere.   I have one less thing to worry about and now, I am giving back.  I am here to help restore your confidence.

Beverly Barrett, Owner of Forever Smooth, Almonte Hair Removal Services

Credentials & Training

I earned my diploma in Electroepilation from Dectro Academie in Montreal, an international school reputable world wide for its program in hair removal.  To complement the education, I enjoy mentorship from some of the most respected, reputable, and knowledgeable Electrologists in the industry.

Understanding the impact of hormones, stress, medication and health conditions, helps me explain why pilosity may be a problem. Pilosity can be a symptom related to health or previous methods of hair removal.  This allows me to work with clients and establish expectations, explain changes in pilosity and work safely.

I am also certified in Thermocoagulation from Dectro Academie.  We provide access to this high demand procedure without long wait times, to remove benign skin anomalies that often cause anxiety and stress.

It is important to provide an effective and comfortable treatment.  The clinic uses Apilus Epilators and Leica Microscopes to perform the services efficiently and accurately.

We have an arrangement with a local dentist who will provide injections should you decide for facial treatments (allows longer treatment time). Our goal is results and client comfort.

I can’t wait to help restore your confidence.

Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations
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