About Forever Smooth

Forever Smooth was originally founded in 2019 with electrolysis as its main pillar of service, however most clients require a robust customized approach to hair removal and skin treatments. Following the company’s success with electrolysis, Forever Smooth added laser hair removal, laser skin treatments and facials to its services for a well rounded approach to building confidence in your skin from end-to-end.

With this variety of equipment, the hair removal process can be customized to each client’s needs. We treat all areas of the face and body, and can remove any hair colour and texture from any skin pigment. For example, we can provide permanent hair reduction to large areas first using laser technology, and then follow with permanently removing any remaining hair such as grey, white, blonde and fine hairs using electrolysis technology.

Whether you are looking for a rejuvenating facial, fine line and hair management, hair removal from larger surface areas, or to manage unwanted hair due to hormonal imbalances or transitional changes, Forever Smooth will work with you to build a treatment plan customized to your needs and goals.

Throw out that “stand-by” razor in your purse. Stand confidently face first in the sun and be present in every conversation. Have one less thing to worry about – that’s my goal for you.

– Beverly Barrett, Owner of Forever Smooth, Almonte Hair Removal and Skin Services

About Our Clinic

Our clinic is private and peaceful, located in picturesque Almonte, just neighboring the west end of Ottawa. We are staffed with specialized technicians in hair and skin treatments. 

Our toolkit and equipment include:

  • An efficient and high powered Lutronic Clarity laser. This delivers impressive results in hair removal, laser facials, and pigmentation correction. 
  • A Leica Microscope and Apilus Senior 3G epilator. This is used to provide comfortable electrolysis and skin anomaly treatments with precision and epic results.
  • A collection of topical skin care treatment products. These are used to soothe the skin pre and post treatments. These products do not contain alcohol, and are sensitive enough for all skin types – your senses will be delighted with clean, fresh scents.
  • Take home topical care is also available, depending on your treatment plan. Discuss options with your technician to choose a product that will work best for your skin and hair type.

About Beverly

Beverly is a certified Electrologist and Laser Technician who is making modern, permanent hair removal and skin treatment solutions accessible to all people in all communities. Her credentials make her an expert in her field, far surpassing the average technician. 

She has a strong understanding of external and hormonal elements that can contribute to hair and skin conditions, in addition to her expansive training, enabling her to provide a safe and inviting experience for all clients, while promising great, permanent results.

Certifications & Diplomas

  • Diploma in Electroepilation and a Certificate in Thermocoagulation from Dectro Academie in Montreal. 
  • Diploma in Intense Pulsed Light Hair and Skin Techniques from Versailles Academy in Ottawa.
  • Certificate in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments for the Lutronic Clarity Laser from AYA Medical in Toronto. 
  • Certificate in Advanced Electrolysis and Blend Technic from Caruso International School of Electrolysis in Toronto.
  • Board Member of the Federation of Certified Electrolysis Association (FCEA), Ontario Chapter.


“Bev is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend going to see her. She was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable the second I walked in. I do not like needles and was quite nervous, but my experience was unreal. She explains everything in detail and cares a lot about the experience of each clients. She always makes sure that you’re okay in terms of discomfort. When she senses that you’re nervous she makes small talk which gets your mind off everything. She did a really good job with the Covid protocols and it’s easy to tell that her office is extremely clean and hygienic. Aside from how cozy and pretty her clinic is, the results are outstanding. She makes an hour session feel like you’ve been there for only minutes. It always goes by so fast. Go see Bev, you will not be disappointed and look forward to all of your Electrolysis sessions.”

– Danika (August 2020)
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