Almonte Hair Removal Consultation

Your health and goals are important.  A consultation provides you and us with the facts that we both need to move forward confidently and successfully. 

There are many factors that influence hair growth and we need a firm understanding before deciding how to treat you responsibly.

Your consultation will include a Client form that you complete in advance.  We will review this information and discuss the process of electrolysis.

We will perform a skin and hair exam to understand the factors that impact the treatment. And finally, a 10-minute treatment so we clearly understand this is right for you.

We will take a few digital images of the area to be treated using the microscope camera. These pictures will be part of your Client File and used to demonstrate the success over the term of the plan.

Your treatment plan

There are many factors that influence hair growth.  This is explained so you have realistic expectations and understand why your treatment plan is a commitment.

The number of session required to permanently remove the hair from a particular area is individual – density, texture, hormones, medication, your availability, all play a role in the process. 

One of the key reasons of perceived regrowth during electrolysis is the stage of the hair in the lifecycle when treated.  There are three stages and the best stage is early anagen or ‘new growth’.  Not all body hair will be in this stage in fact, only 40-50% of all hairs will be.  We can discuss methods which encourage anagen phase, to ensure our treatment time is spent on the right hair. 

We will create a plan that considers the treatment area, your time, your tolerance and any contributing factors such as previous temporary methods, hormones and medication.

Free Consultation

We offer a free personal consultation and sample treatment to answer all your questions and explain the process. Here are a few things we will cover:

  • Explain how electrolysis works and the growth cycles to permanently eliminate unwanted hair.
  • Recommend a safe and effective treatment plan and appointment schedule that allows you to gain the maximum results in a minimum of time.
  • Offer you a sample treatment so you can see how comfortable electrolysis can be and to assess how your skin reacts to electrolysis.
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