Almonte Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a proven permanent hair removal solution, for all type and colour of hair from any part of the body.  Our clinic uses modern equipment to ensure your treatment is comfortable and effective.  The treatment will vary by person, but the results remain the same – permanent.

The process is simple.  A technician uses a fine sterile probe which is gently inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle.  The probe releases energy which destroys the nourishing tissue and cells responsible for hair growth.  You will feel heat, or some say a ‘pinch’ when the energy is being applied.  The loosened hair is then removed immediately without any sensation or resistance.

For client safety and infection control, we use an asepsis process on all reusable critical instruments.  A sterile, single use probe is used and discarded after each treatment and a rigorous room disinfecting process between clients.  Single use gloves, facemasks, sterile gauze, antiseptic and disinfecting lotions and products are used to ensure the room, equipment, tools, client and technician meet with the highest standards of infection control.

The Leica surgical grade microscope allows accurate insertions maximizing comfort and efficiency.   The Apilus epilator provides the most effective and consistent energy for a comfortable treatment.  Aesthetic grade products are used before and after your treatment to disinfect the skin and treat with luxurious skin calming products – fragrance or fragrance-free.

We use thermolysis as the permanent hair removal technique of choice for a couple of reasons.  This method allows the technician to achieve client results faster because the treatment process is shorter but with virtually, the same results.  Thermolysis is also more comfortable for the client.  For extremely difficult hair that may be sparse, we may use the Blend technique.  This is reviewed and discussed during the initial consultation.

We are happy to be part of your overall hair removal solution.  Unlike other procedures, including laser hair removal, electrolysis is able to permanently remove all colour of hair including blonde, white, grey and red…and  from any type of skin including dark skin, which is difficult for lasers to treat successfully.

Consider electrolysis for permanent facial hair removal in advance of other treatments.  

Depilatories and waxing may harm the skin on the face causing more embarrassing results than the hair, so be careful if this is your choice.

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