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Self confidence plays a major part in how people navigate through life. The more confident a person is in themselves, the more likely they are to feel prepared in facing new challenges and objectives. 

We believe by helping people address insecurities around their skin we are contributing to a foundation of confidence. We use industry leading equipment for a comfortable, long-term solution.

Browse our services to learn how we can help you build confidence in your own skin.

Initial Consultation

Your comfort and confidence is our goal. 

Everyone’s hair and skin types differ, so to be sure you receive the best treatment plan for your skin’s needs, we begin with a discovery phase. This includes a comprehensive intake form completed in advance, an in person discussion around the form entries, your concerns, and our process, as well as a skin and hair exam with complimentary 10 minute treatment to ensure the plan discussed is right for you. With your consent, depending on treatment type and location, we will also collect microscopic images of the area for your client file. These will be used to demonstrate the success over the term of the plan.

Laser Hair Removal


It is effective: Unlike traditional treatments for temporary hair removal, like waxing, sugaring or shaving, laser treatments offer a short-term treatment for long-term results. 

Minimal side effects: Avoid razor burn or ingrown hairs. Laser treatment can specifically target hair without damaging the surrounding skin. 

Quick, efficient and accurate: Because of its precision, the laser can efficiently remove multiple hair follicles at once, for quick appointments.

Cost-effective: Save money in the long run without wax or threading appointments month over month. Skip the life long commitment to razors and shaving cream for just a few laser sessions.


Laser hair removal is a safe and effective treatment for permanent hair reduction without the discomfort and side effects often seen with traditional methods of temporary hair removal. Forever Smooth laser hair removal sessions are comfortable with minimal post-care required so you’ll be able to get back to your daily activities while enjoying confidence in your skin!

We take a tailored approach to hair removal. Laser will manage most darker hairs, however, for any white, gray, or red hair, electrolysis can be integrated to the treatment plan.


Laser hair removal works by sending a beam of light into the hair follicles, damaging them as the follicles absorb the light without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

The laser affects hairs that are in the growth stage of the growth cycle (anagen). Not all hair will be in the growth stage at once, and the number of sessions required is dependent on the colour of hair and the skin type, however the average notice substantial reduction after 6-7 sessions.

Electrolysis Hair Removal


No limitations: Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis has the ability to remove any hair type and colour from any skin pigmentation.  

Levels of treatment: Electrolysis treatments are customized to the follicle and the hair texture type, to address each hair with the best treatment for results – Ideal for mixed hair types. 

Comfortable: Although electrolysis is the original permanent hair removal technology, advances in technique, like thermolysis and blend approaches allow for quicker more comfortable treatments.

Cost-effective: Save money in the long run without wax or threading appointments month over month and eliminate hair permanently with electrolysis.


Electrolysis is the original method of permanent hair removal and is a safe, effective and cost effective treatment for permanent hair reduction. Our clinic uses modern equipment to ensure your treatment is comfortable and effective. The treatment will vary by person, but the results remain the same – permanent.


Using a fine single-use sterile probe which is gently inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle, the probe releases energy which destroys the nourishing tissue and cells responsible for hair growth. The loosened hair is then removed immediately without any sensation or resistance.

Laser Facial Treatments


Cell rejuvenation: Unlike topical facial treatments, laser based facials penetrate deeper into the skin, encouraging more frequent cell turn-over rates, for a younger looking skin.

Minimal side effects: These facials are non-invasive, meaning you can return to your day to day activities. No lingering marks or obvious healing.

Levels of treatment: Your age, skin type, hair type and other factors are considered before treatment begins to ensure top results delivered in a comfortable experience.


Forever Smooth prides itself on creating a restful and relaxing experience while offering great skin results with all laser based facial treatments. Our heated bed, natural lighting and quiet technology allow you to rest as the technician administers the facial, finishing with a top-of-the-line topical treatment.


Each facial uses a different technique and offers different results, some which can be enjoyed twice monthly, and others, monthly. Review our facial treatments to determine which is best for you and your skin goals.

Fine Facial Hair Treatment – This treatment will remove fine soft hair from the entire face and correct uneven skin tone caused by sun. Gentle enough for those who have sensitive skin and can be enjoyed as frequently as every 4 weeks.

Skin Rejuvenation – Our skin rejuvenation treatment is effective for wrinkles, enlarged pores, skin tone and texture improvements. You can enjoy this treatment every 1-2 weeks.

Skin Rejuvenation for Blackhead Clearance – This treatment will remove blackheads from the nose, finishing with a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment on the area to help reduce enlarged pores resulting in clear and bright skin. This treatment can be enjoyed every 4 weeks.

Advanced Wrinkle Treatment – Neck – This treatment targets the neck and lower face, remodeling the collagen deep within the skin. Enjoy skin that appears tighter and younger. The Skin Rejuvenation or Pigmentation Correction Treatments can be combined for a customized treatment designed just for you. This treatment can be enjoyed every 4 weeks.

Pigmentation Correction Treatment – Pigmentation correction is a wonderful treatment to correct uneven skin tone especially for those clients who have sensitive skin. You can enjoy this treatment every 1-2 weeks.

Spot Pigmentation and Broken Capillary Treatment (Face or Body) – Pigmented spots like sunspots (lentigines), freckles and seborrheic keratosis can be treated with our Epidermal Pigmentation Treatment. This treatment is painless with virtually no post care. The lesions will appear darker following treatment, then a crusting will form and naturally fall off after 7-10 days. You can enjoy this treatment every 4 weeks. For broken capillaries appearing on the face, typically caused by stress, exertion and aging, our treatment will eliminate those vascular vessels within 1 or 2 treatments.

Skin Anomalies


Customized approach: Everyone’s skin and anomalies are different and as a client you may not know which treatment to select. Prior to beginning treatment we will investigate the anomaly to ensure you receive the best treatment for the best outcome.  Skin Tags, Cherry Spots, Campbell Spots, Broken Capillaries, Milia, Syringoma, Warts, Blackhead Extraction.

Thorough consultation: During a complimentary consultation, we will explain the procedure and determine if the anomalies can be improved during one treatment or if repeated treatments are necessary.

It is effective: Thermocoagulation provides an opportunity for clients to rid themselves of anomalies that would otherwise remain in only a few sessions.  


Thermocoagulation is a process that will improve your skin’s appearance by reducing or eliminating unwanted skin anomalies. Our process involves walking you through expectations and timelines, healing and sensations. Our clinic uses top-of-the-line industry equipment to ensure your treatment is comfortable and effective. We may even use a combination of treatments to ensure top results.
View our treatments below.


These procedures involve inserting a fine probe onto or into the anomaly and releasing a small amount of current. This will cauterize the capillaries or dry up the anomaly. It is typical for a scab to form which will heal in a week or two and improve in appearance. Most clients find the sensation is quite gentle and say they feel it less than an electrolysis treatment.

Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris or “Chicken Skin” – Keratosis Pilaris is a common skin condition where small, hard bumps on the surface of the skin are visible as a rash, developing as a result of an excess buildup of keratin. It is commonly found on the upper arms, thighs, chest, elbows, and the tush. Thermocoagulation and Laser treatments can address this. 

Maintain results using our aftercare skin products.

Skin Tags – Skin tags are small benign flaps of skin that can sometimes cause discomfort from friction, however we can easily remove them in only one treatment using thermocoagulation. A scab may form after the treatment and will naturally heal after a week or two.

Cherry Angiomas – Cherry angiomas are also known as ruby points (flat) and Campbell spots (raised).These vascular blemishes consist of highly concentrated dilated capillaries. Their appearance is a cherry red or purplish colour. Many find just one treatment is enough to see results, however touch-up treatments may be required.

Milia – Milia are tiny white bumps found on the skin, sometimes mistaken as whiteheads, often found around the eyes and nose. They are made of keratin filled cysts, which feel like a grain of sand under your skin. They don’t have an opening at the surface so they can’t be extracted like whiteheads, however with our treatments, Milia can be easily managed.

Traumatized Pores and Blackheads – Enlarged pores may result from consistently and/or improperly extracting whiteheads, blackheads, or ingrown hairs. If extraction is done incorrectly, debris and dirt will accumulate and start the cycle over again. Laser treatments will dislodge stubborn sebum and constrict the pore, leaving skin fresh and clear.

Brown, Age or Liver Spots – Age spots or liver spots are pigmented spots on the skin which are flat and brown. These usually appear as we age and may darken overtime and from exposure to elements like sun, and hair removal.  Laser disrupts the cells in the epidermis and dermis causing the damaged cells to shed. New cells are naturally rejuvenated, given the skin a refreshed look, fading the dark spot.

Maintain results using our aftercare skin products

Telangiectasia or “Spider Veins” – Telangiectasia, more commonly known as spider veins, are visible capillaries (blood vessels) which often concentrate on the nose, cheeks and chin. Sun damage, injury, medication, hormones and aging can also cause small capillaries to appear on the surface of the skin. These blood vessels can be safely treated using thermocoagulation and Laser treatments.


“I’ve had a great experience with Bev. She is kind, professional and thorough. She explains what she is doing, has an immaculately clean set-up and is very knowledgeable. Most importantly, I’ve been very pleased with the results. 10 out of 10 would recommend her services.” 

– Pia (January 2022)